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July FNM

07/05/2013 - 19:30

FNM will be in the upstairs function room in The Mitre.

The price is £5, and the format is Standard Constructed. Legal sets are: M14, M15, Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon's Maze, Theros & Born of the Gods, Journey into Nix.

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Welcome to Oxford Magic!

If you are a new player, please feel free to turn up to any of our events and introduce yourself. Even better, register yourself and start talking Magic on our forums.

Basic information on all our events is on our Events calendar.

For more information or technical help feel free to get in touch, all my details are on the contact page.


Recurring Events

Wednesday & Thursday events take place in main bar area of The Mitre. FNM is in the upstairs function room. Please contact Huw (salmacis) for more information.

Wednesday: Casual Night
Time: From 7pm onwards
Price: Free
Format: Whatever you like - casual duelling or multiplayer, EDH, cube, constructed testing.

Thursday: Draft
Time: 7pm
Price: £16
Format: Born of the Gods, 2x Theros

Friday: Standard Constructed
Time: 7:30pm
Price: £5
Friday Night Magic

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